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Mexican Wedding Inspiration

I love learning about wedding traditions in different cultures,  it’s very interesting to hear how people celebrated love in different countries. I myself was raised in Eastern Europe ,and even though we have a lot of similarities it’s very interesting to see the difference in traditions.

When I first started working with Candy Acosta my knowledge about traditional Mexican weddings was 0, all I really knew was that they are very colorful but I didn’t realize how colorful. The world is constantly changing some old traditions stay and are celebrated the same way they did many years ago, but some go away and soon no one will even remember them at all.  New generations are changing everything soon enough they will be different traditions celebrated, and the ones we know today will become just a story.  I know that sounds a little depressing but let’s not think about it now, as for now we don’t have to worry about that happening.

We were lucky enough to be part of project where we learned about traditional Mexican wedding, it was very interesting because for me it looked more like a fiesta but what the hell I know. While we are more used to very soft and delicate colors, our  friends are quite the opposite.  I had tons of fun helping stylized this fun photo shoot inspired by traditional Mexican wedding, our team was fantastic and we where able to brighten up this very grey day.


Venue: Dairyland

Photography : Candy Acosta Photography

Cake : The Cakewalk Shop

Chairs and Tableware: ABC Rentals

Bridal Dress & Shoes: Hermosa Bridal Boutique

Flowers: Delightful Details

Hair: Santana Salon & Spa

Make-Up: Zulema Rubio

Mexican Chairs: Mi Mexico

Stationery: Citlali Creativo

Table Linens: Energia Events & Decor

Tux: Private Label Bridal

Bride: Vanessa Soltero-Gutierrez

Groom : Eric Perez

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